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tv   Mornings With Maria Bartiromo  FOX Business  September 22, 2017 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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>> thanks. cheryl: that is it for now but it's time for maria bartiromo, mornings with maria by the way her guest includes founder of the world's largest hedge fun ray dalio. great interview. maria: we are looking forward to that special interview. thank you, cheryl. happy friday to you, friday september 22nd, top stories right now 6:00 a.m. on the east coast. a dire warning from north korea now. kim jong un delivering a fiery statement calling president trump deranged, promising the united states will pay dearly after the commander in chief's issued a new executive order that targets anyone who trades with the hermit kingdom. >> a new executive order i just signed that significantly expands our authorities to target individuals, companies, financial institutions that finance and facilitate trade with north korea. north korea's nuclear weapons
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and missile development is a grave threat to peace and security in our world and it is unacceptable that others financially support this criminal rogue regime. maria: very latest this morning as reports suggest that north korea may test a hydrogen bomb in the pacific ocean to prove its power. that's coming up. the news weighed on markets overnight. take a look there. averages down across the board, hang seng and hong kong down almost 1%. japan nikkei average down a quarter of a percent. markets here in the u.s. looking like this. futures indicating a lower opening for the broader averages, nasdaq down 10, fractional moves here nonetheless in negative column. hurricane maria continues to ravage the caribbean this
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morning. now near turks and caicos, more on the path and devastation left behind coming up. a race to the finish, senator luther strange squares off against roy moore as the two battle for highly-contested seat. president trump will travel to the state to campaign for strange. vice president mike pence set to return home to indiana as the administration pulls out all the stops to get a deal done this year. facebook meanwhile joining the investigation into possible election meddling, the details as mark zuckerberg and the company agree to send a list to russian-linked political ad purchased on the site to congress. the concerns as iphone 8 sales get off to slow start. all the stories coming up this morning. joining me to talk all about it dagen mcdowell, king's college business and economic's professor brian brendberg and war veteran and fox news senior political analyst pete hegseth.
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dagen: "fox & friends" weekend host. >> it's official. dagen: give a strong lead on -- [laughter] maria: it's all on you. pete: we will do better for you. maria: congratulations. pete: that show is great. we try to do something -- maria: last week was cooking sausages. dagen: charles payne went down the water slide in full suit. maria: well, it is friday, happy friday to you. a lot on the agenda. coming up this morning legislative affairs for president donald trump is with us, big interview bridge water associates founder and life and work author ray dalio is with us
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talking about markets and economy, dean of fletcher school, admiral james stavridis is here and jack brewer, news on concussions this morning. you don't want to miss a home of all of that coming up this morning. first to top story this hour. north korea lashing out. rogue regime threat tong detonate a hydrogen bomb after president trump warned during a speech at the un this week that the u.s. could, quote, totally destroy north korea if it was forced to defend itself. the country's leader kim jong un responded directly to the threat calling the president, quote, mentally deranged u.s. dotered. weak-minded or foolish-old person. kim also threatened action adding this, mia now thinking hard of what response he could have expected when he allowed such words to tip off his tongue
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gnaw financial sanctions against the north specifically siting -- citing the nuclear threat. >> does not respect own citizens or the sovereignty of other nations. our executive order will cut resources that will stop efforts. maria: those financial sanctions were significant against north korea. pete what do you make of this of this escalating war? >> a very important week at the un. president trump doing what previous administrations refused to do. only going after the chinese banks that allow this regime to stay afloat will undercut them and president trump through executive orders say, if you want to do business with north korea, chinese central banks, you will not be doing business with the united states of america. they can't make a decision, they
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can't cut off their ability to do business with us, therefore stops ability to to support kim jong un regime. the only way short of military force is cutting -- maria: will they cut funding of nuclear program? pete: a guy who is happy to starve his people. brian: north korea over the past decade has got very good at black market trade, they found ways around sanctions time and time again. a strong move. i hope it works. you to see over time. north korea has played this game many times before. it's not a huge economy. doesn't need a lot to sustain nuclear program. dagen: treasury will be able to target a variety of different industries related to north korean trade, textile, seafood exports, technology, shipping networks because it's been reported that those industries actually funnel money back into
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the nuclear and missile program in north korea. but a lot of this will rely on how much europe, for example, and all of the trading partners who are involved in north korea and trade really enforce this because that's what did work with iran as europe being on board in terms of cutting off investment and capital flows. pete: also the credible threat of military force when president trump stands up there and says, we will utterly destroy you, they hear that. without that, they will never get any moves elsewhere. they believe that president trump might do something. maria: what about the pushbacks from kim jong un? what about him saying that he's going to going to exceed expectations? pete: if he can get a nuclear weapon that's capable of being amounted in icbm, he has the golden ticket to preserve his life. he's trying to get there as fast as he can before any measure will actually stop him from getting there. dagen: when threatening hydrogen bomb in the pacific, it's not
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clear that they are at the point where they can miniaturized a nuclear device to put it on the tip of a missile, whether the missile can actually survive reentry, but there was some discussion in one of the pieces i read this morning that they could literally put a hydrogen bomb, nuclear device on a ship and send it out in the pacific and detonate it that way if they don't have the missile capabilities. brian: this is what's scary. it's not what he's intending to do but it's not what he's not intending to do. it's important to get the sanctions working as quickly as possible because there's always a leg there. maria: the president sat down with south korean countermart -- counterpart moon jae-in.
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look what happens after he used one word. >> he continues to use provocation. >> i'm happy that you used the world deplorable. [laughter] >> i promised i did not tell him to say that. that's been a lucky word for me. [laughter] maria: well, he's watching. pete: fits much better as it pertains to north korean dictators than people who voted for president trump. maria: that's truly deplorable. dagen: basket of deplorables. i love trump supporters refer to themselves at deplorable jane. maria: reuters is reporting that it will not renew uber's license to operate in license. regulator says that the company's conduct demonstrate lack of corporate responsibility in relation to a number of issues which have potential
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public safety and security implications. uber has 21 days to appeal the decision. this is big news for uber, dagen, london's transport regulator not allowing it. dagen: one thing that could turn the tide for uber in london is if people actually use it complain in protest that the london government is trying to shut uber down. pete: what's the rationale? maria: they don't like their conduct. pete: that's it? brian: vague notion. it's a joke. these are always the taxi lobbies. help consumers and consumers say, giver this to me, we don't have a problem with public safety. maria: look what happened with the valuation of the taxi, the valuation plummeted. that's what the taxi drivers are saying in london. dagen: the mayor is backing up
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the decision that uber needs to rise to the standard and adhere to the standards of all companies. by the way, there are so many up and coming competitors to ubers whether here in the united states and even overseas. the list -- there are handful of them in new york city. maria: a lot. brian: it's important that they have a chance to compete and it's a problem when local entities an state governments aren't allowing to operate because it hurts consumers actually. maria: we will take a break. workers digging in the steel and concrete in méxico, death toll continue to go rise. we will take you there and get the latest. plus sec in the dark, new report reveal that is many senior officials did not have a clue about the massive data breach last year and now there are more questions than answers over equifax. back in a minute.
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125 miles an hour. right now the eye of the storm passing through turks and caicos. leaving u.s. territory of 3.4 million people completely in the dark without power. meanwhile the u.s. coast guard has released video of dramatic rescue that took place in puerto rico. a mother and her two sons left stranded in cap-sized boat. they were waiving and desperate. the family made a call to the coast guard but the crew could not not save a british man that was stuck in the boat but the mother and children were safe. right now to méxico, desperate search and rescue operation continues this morning after the powerful earthquake. death toll risen, 273. meanwhile mexican navy officials say a young girl named frida sofia never existed after officials repeated the story to reach her under collapsed
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school. wall street journal say that many most senior officials at the securities and exchanged commission remain unaware of the computer system for months, according to new chairman, he covered extent of hack only after he launched wholesale review in the spring. commissioners reportedly learned about the hack in just the last few days. and reports say that equifax has admitted, victims of the massive data breach to fake website. after equifax revealed breach, sent consumers to website. consumers were going to get directed to a malicious site to a similar address. big drop as you can see on the screen after the breach was reported back to you. maria: thank you, cheryl, no surprise that you're seeing the huge drop in equifax, brian. brian: look at the last story
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about consumers being directed to another fake site. for them to help you, they ask you for sensitive information. maria: they give it to you free. [laughter] dagen: gerri willis wanted a credit freeze, she got this response -- [laughter] dagen: she said, i want a credit freeze and they could not do it and they couldn't give her answers. pete: one strike, two strikes, you're in serious trouble, equifax. maria: a taxi medallion in 2013, some team medallion sold $1.3 million. pete: you have to have one of those to drive in new york. maria: 241,000. that's the story of uber getting kicked out of london. the taxis are complaining because their valuations have
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dropped. dagen: 40,000 uber drivers in london and 3 and a half million customers of the service. it was expected with the decision, uber was trying to renew, get a new five-year license to operate in london and they have shut -- the government there has shut uber out. there will be outrage. we will see if competitors can move in and pick up the slack where it will not be anymore. brian: same story with airbnb's. maria: medallion owners are fuming. pete: of course, they are the gatekeepers to entry. they don't have to pay 1.3 million to get in up front. you get in cheaper, you can still make money. it is what competition gives us in a free market economy. maria: exactly right. by the way, the taxis should have been technology more effectively the way uber came in and ate their lunch with that.
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brian: not when you're a protected monopoly. maria: exactly. dagen: still to this day. maria: you're right. dagen: the heat, odor and the people who drive like they only know how to walk. maria: no wonder they are getting their businesses taken. we will take a break. facebook fighting fake news now ahead of it having in washington. the social media company turns russian-linked ads to congress. unstoppable amazon, the company announces it will bring dozens of high-paying jobs in new york city. can anything slow down amazon and how do you get one of those jobs? back in a minute. ♪
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maria: wcome back, baking news rightow. prident trump just tweeted this. rand paul or whoever votes against the health care bill will forever futurolitical campgns be kwn as the republican who saved obamacare. the president trying once again to taunt the congress to get this across the finish line. we will see if it happens. the president just tweeted that this morning. facebook, facebook cuts a deal with lawmakers to hand over ads bought by russians to allegedly influence the 2016 election on facebook live. company founder mark zuckerberg revealed he's cooperating with special counsel robert mueller in alleged tampering of the 2016 election. >> we are actively working with the u.s. government on ongoing investigations into russian interference. we've been investigating this
6:24 am
for many months now and for a while we had found no evidence of fake accounts linked to russian -- linked to russian running ads. when we recently uncovered the activity, we provided the information to the special counsel. maria: this comes days after facebook and twitter executives to testify in senate intelligence committee on russian election meddling next week. joining us right now james, james, good to see you, thank you so much for joining us. >> thanks for having me. maria: what do you think of this? >> the latest chapter in many, many more to come and big reason for this is mark zuckerberg is just been being dragged kicking and screaming into this whole situation and every time they find something out, he denies it and then a couple weeks later, you know, he can't deny it anymore because it's been uncovered. pete: is this a recognition that, hey, in hollywood, amongst leftist circles it had to be the
6:25 am
russians that hacked our election, he gets to contribute to that by going in front of bob mueller, look at all the fake accounts, there's a political angle to this? >> there is a political angle and i think we can debate that. i think one thing we can't debate is this guy wants to sell ads any way he can and he doesn't want to spend money while he's doing it and if you want to monitor things, you will have to hire people and that's the last thing this guy wants to do. that's one of the hugest reasons that this guy is resisting this entire -- >> $150,000 in ad spending out of campaign that had 10 billion in ads, most successful ad campaign in history to get this kind of attention, why is this such a big deal. >> i think you're totally right. the implications is what he doesn't like, the prospect of regulation coming on his company. maria: it's coming. it's coming. dagen: he knows that if they don't step up at this point, they -- facebook and all the
6:26 am
other social media companies are asking for the government to move in and breathe down their necks, it wasn't just facebook that you could buy ads and people on the left found appalling and then they have been surely behind the curve on fighting terrorism on social networks. one thing after another, mark zuckerberg knows, if i don't do something to keep regulators at bay, they are coming in. maria: speaking of regulators, i want to see if regulators are going to come on in on amazon, promising to create even more jobs right now. amazon already topping 350,000 employees worldwide. it's promising now to create another 2,000 jobs in new york city, right here where the construction of 359,000 square foot office in downtown manhattan. james, what do you think of this? several locations in new york,
6:27 am
what does this location mean and what will it be used primarily? >> this is an advertising outpost and what google has done, big advertising operation in chelsea. the difference is that the chelsea location that google has is occupying two city blocks, i mean, real city blocks and housing a ton of people, is that what this is going to turn into? maybe, i don't know. dagen: where is this in new york city? >> in the hudson yards, 30th street and tenth avenue. way on over there. dagen: that is a -- i think that's the reskin of the old associated press building is where they are moving. maria: that's interesting. ironic. dagen: i will double check that. pete: second headquarters. >> this is just a tinny thing compared to what they are calling h2g is going to be.
6:28 am
2,000 employees, h2g is 50,000 employees. maria: where are they going to do h2g? >> i guaranty you it's not going to be new york. the rent is too damn high. maria: and the taxes. >> my guess, my perm theory is that they are going to go to a city that could really, really use them and they are doing this entire auction process to make sure that whoever runs the city they are going to is massively on the record saying, we want amazon to be here and the reason for that is because seattle, a lot of people in seattle are fed up with amazon and a lot of people in seattle that feel like the rent is too high and the traffic is terrible and they want somebody who has a lot of room for them to grow in. maria: we will see about that. james, good to talk to you. james covert from the new york post business section. president trump headed to alabama to stump for luther strange who is in a heat senate
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maria: thanks for joining us, it is friday, september 22nd. top stories, 6:30 a.m. on the east coast, ramping up the rhetoric, air bnb 0 lashes out at donald trump saying the us will pay dearly for an executive order targeting north korean trade. donald trump fired back moments ago on twitter, kim jong un of north korea who is obviously a madman who doesn't mind starting or killing his people will be tested like never before, this from the president moments ago. tensions weighing on markets overnight, the nikkei average in japan, hong kong down 1%. the kospi in korea down 3 quarters of one person. investors in europe waiting for speech by teresa may, she will talk about the country's negotiations to leave the european union. markets are higher across the board. we are looking at weakness, and our industrial down 15 points, nasdaq down 10, fractional move
6:33 am
on the downside but across the board. fireworks flying in the final night for the alabama senate runoff race. lose her strange squares off against roy more pulling donald trump into the middle of it all. >> we are past the time in our history when we can make speeches and deliver empty promises. >> the people of alabama are ready and will informed. maria: donald trump is headed to alabama to shore up support for senator strange. trish regan will bring the rally at 8:00 eastern. join us on the foxbusiness network as we take you to alabama live. racing to indianapolis mike pence will bring the push for a tax code revamp to his home state and we will preview what is coming next week. buber, you are out, london refusing to renew the license, the latest trouble for the ridesharing service that could have global implications and more trouble for
6:34 am
hewlett-packard, the company ready to cut 10% of its workforce, job cuts coming. job in growth, look what is happening at mercedes, making a massive, billion-dollar investment in the united states, where they plan to build a new battery factory and bring in hundreds of new jobs. the kingston sql goes to the box office crown. a preview of the hotly anticipated sequel to the surprise action hit threatening to knock it from the throne. first this, top story, the alabama senate race heats up, donald trump is headed to the state to shore up support for senator luther strange who was appointed to replace jeff sessions when he became attorney general. strange will face a fierce fight for the seed from former state chief justice roy moore. the two republican contenders squared off in a heated debate ahead of the tuesday runoff election. >> the problem is donald trump is being cut off in his office,
6:35 am
being redirected by people like mcconnell who do not support his agenda, will not support his agenda in the future. >> you just said he was being manipulated, mitch mcconnell. i met mitch mcconnell six or seven months ago. i stood up to him on many occasions and to suggest the president of the united states, head of the free world, is being manipulated by mitch mcconnell is insulting to the president. absolutely insulting to the president. that is why he has chosen me. he is not being manipulated by anyone. maria: joining us is daily caller editor in chief chris bedford. good to have you on the program, you are doing a great job. let me ask about the senate race, it is putting the president in an unusual spot opening the curtains as to what the problems are in the gop. >> he knows he has got to win.
6:36 am
i heard a conversation from people involved in this race. the president tweeted his support last month when there were three republican candidates. steve bannon said why did you do that? trump said i was told this is my guy, the guy i want to support. you should go with this other guy, donald trump said now that i have done it he has got to win. i was on the phone the morning of the first primary last month. one of the guys who was kicked out, any chance you will pull ahead? no way, donald trump has blocked out the sun, they will beat us, he has a lot of pool in alabama but strange only lost by 6 points and there were 20 points for the other guy, mo brooks, they were not swayed by donald trump, they lean more conservative and strange is losing by 9 points. it is looking difficult for the president to pull this ahead.
6:37 am
>> whether it is more or strange what is the difference when it comes to the president's agenda and policies? is there a big difference depending on the outcome? >> there is not a huge difference between them. more is more conservative, more of a firebrand, a social conservative and strange gets along with mitch mcconnell but largely on the issues they are right down the middle. the thing donald trump want tos, he doesn't want to have a loss. once he has endorsed someone, the alleged head of this party he has got to win or he looks weekend will have to deal with headlines about how donald trump lost his mojo when either way he gets now i in the senate. >> the early choice behind strange, is very lost to the president if judge moore wins? he made his name by defending the 10 commandments, huge grassroots christian support, steve bannon, chairman of the freedom caucus, made an early bet if he loses still not an
6:38 am
indication that outsiders and bomb throwers and nationalists are on the rise in the republican party. >> it would be an indication and donald trump, practically speaking, either way he wins, he gets someone who will support him in the last two races has been a fight over who loves donald trump more. a sugar place for him to be in the south but it will make them look bad and deal with bad headlines whether he has control over his party but in the end gets an ally no matter what. dagen: the fallout is if luther strange doesn't win, you know that will stick in the president's brain and it will come up again and again and again. when he feels like he has been defeated or criticized he very often can't let that go and what would be the impact of that? >> the rumors that were passed to me the person behind this
6:39 am
push was jared kushner who is close with mitch mcconnell, he pushed for closer relationships on the hill and trump believed him and allegedly according to what i heard made this endorsement without really running it by a lot of people, and if he feels he was put in a bind, supporting mitch mcconnell who he doesn't love as we know, he doesn't love him. if he is pushed into this and feels he had one pulled over on him you will see -- he will treat his advisors differently and take advice more carefully. >> they have been pushed out of the white house for the establishment types taking over is an indication of that. >> that does expose it. because of traditional leadership with more. the president is headed for alabama. the vice president is talking tax reform in indiana. making the case for tax code
6:40 am
overhaulin' anderson outside indianapolis. what is your thought on this in terms of tax reform? >> it will be a hard push. i have been made a full of too many times making predictions of what seems like easy republican legislation, we are on round 3 of obamacare, maybe third time is the charm. tax reform will be a bigger hurdle because likely obamacare about their will be winners and losers and at the end of the day a lot of people want a handout. pens is going to indiana, the scene of his governorship where he had a couple tax battles himself, it will be familiar ground. dagen: we will get the plan from the white house. it is supposed to be a 20% corporate tax rate, 28% pass through, 25, 35 in terms of the individual side. we will see if that gets the votes. dagen: and see how much when you are crunching the numbers if you remove deductions for higher income americans if they get a
6:41 am
tax cut or not. maria: you are talking 35% down from 39.6, you are also eliminating probably eliminating state and local tax deductions. the highest earners, not much. maria: will be an immense fight. dagen: not just among democrats, largely new york and california are liberal states but there are conservative lawmakers. look at congressman king out from a long island. maria: chris bedford, we will be watching what you are reporting. you have done a great job. thanks for breaking that, see you soon, tune in at 8:00 eastern, trish regan is live, she will take you to the president's speech in alabama. you will be here with trish at 8:00 pm as she navigates the president's support at the
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dagen: market looking fractionally lower, futures indicator fractional loss at the open. a couple names on the move, car max living second quarter earnings, sales expected to surge in the wake of the hurricanes, the stock is up 7%. it allows customers with august brand smart home, if the customer orders it will be delivered straight to the refrigerator. they will test the service in silicon valley soon.
6:46 am
walmart shares up 11% and that is year over year. a new study blames contaminated water in flint, michigan for severe health problems. >> reporter: according to a new study fetal death rates increased by 58% in flint after the city switched its water source in april of 2014. researchers say 198 to 276 more children would have been born had flint not enacted that switch in the water supply. the city switched to the flint river because it was cheaper than the water they were getting from detroit but that water turned out to be contaminated with lead. hewlett-packard enterprise planning to cut the workforce by 10% cutting 5000 jobs starting at the end of this year. hewlett-packard facing increasing competition and higher component prices. mercedes-benz investing $1
6:47 am
billion into expanding its manufacturing operations and that will deport production of electric cars. mercedes planning to add electric suvs in tuscaloosa, alabama and opening a battery plant near the existing car assembly facility. that should create 600 new jobs. the launch of the iphone 8 in asia is not drying a big crowd in apple stores across the region but analysts say that is a good thing. many fans are more interested in the premium iphone 10. it is scheduled to arrive in asia in november. shares of apple up 32% so far this year and there is apple in the premarket. maria: the iphone 8. why what i get the iphone 10 if i won the iphone 10 in november? dagen: you may not want -- you might upgrade from the phone -- maria: i want to upgrade.
6:48 am
dagen: if you want to keep that with the home button and not worry about facial recognition, if you think it is too big because it is going to be bigger, this is smaller, it will be bigger than this, smaller than you currently have. they are going to be problems. it is going to be a long way. forget about november. if you don't want to wait or pay a grant. maria: another tweet from the president on the russia story. the russia hoax continues, now it is ads on facebook. what about the biased and dishonest media coverage in favor of crooked hillary? >> $150,000 somehow swayed the election and mark making a national conversation about russian ads on facebook, it all
6:49 am
smells political. >> zuckerberg will leverage this for his agenda. >> will he run for president? he is out meeting folks. why not meet them? >> we will be right back with more, stay with us. awesome. let's do this. the bed is made of high-strength steel, which is less susceptible to punctures than aluminum. stronger the better. and best of all, this new truck is actually- (all laughing) oh my.... the current chevy silverado. current chevy owners and lessees get a total value of ten-thousand, six hundred dollars. or, 0% financing for 72 months on this silverado all star. find new roads at your local chevy dealer.
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>> could we talk about that? >> so when you guys got to go there was that always an evil warlord? maria: a clip from the new
6:53 am
animated car me -- comedy, warner bros. expecting the third installment of the lego franchise to gross $32 million. joining us is senior vice president of marketing michael tom arrow. you like this? >> it has done well for warner bros. the first lego movie popped out $60 million at the box office, a good time for lego, the sales for the toys are down so this is a great marketing vehicle. maria: they constantly reinvent themselves. 20th century fox avenue kingston the golden circle getting a lot of buzz. >> the kingston hit the big screen, $400 million turning the spy genre on its head, fresh and different, the new installment opens today, expected to be number one at the box office with $30 million. i said down with the cast who told me about the latest
6:54 am
installment. >> what to the kings man tell you in london? >> maybe you have heard of us. >> what was it like returning to this role, first time you return to a character? >> people really connected to the first film. it was a sleeper hit. also quite nerve-racking because of the expectations. it packs a real punch. >> welcome to statesman. >> is your american cousins you will be working side-by-side. >> the kingston counterpart in
6:55 am
america, you do well. what is your favorite part of this? >> a lot of fun. >> my favorite was the cast and being around you guys. >> so much respect for each other. >> so great to see my fox news colleagues up there. >> they did so good before we were going around the world using different news outlets and they were so good, going back to them they got it on two takes. >> did you behave onset? >> we won't say. what happens onset stays onset you have to understand. >> sort of like vegas. maria: really cool stuff. matthew von open the kings man inspired taco shop in london. you can purchase upscale garments, accessories and even whiskey. >> it is all about merchandise.
6:56 am
he was a businessman before he got into making films and he was writing this movie, conceived it is not just a movie but a global lifestyle brand, the clothes he did it for selfish reasons, the same reasons he got into making movies, he wasn't happy with how movies were being made and didn't think there were clothes for us in our 40s so he did that as well. maria: he told you about that. >> when i finished the screenplay this is about the world's best tailors, best suits, best accessories, it is a lifestyle brand where you can wear it, the aftershave sold out. >> know what is better dressed than a british by. maria: you usually don't see a fashion collection. >> this stuff is selling out from mister porter shoes, they are expensive. maria: good to see you, have a
6:57 am
great weekend. a new zebra, website disrupting the way you buy auto insurance with a new infusion of cash hopes to help the bread become a household name. "mornings with maria" right here. ♪ i know you want to leave me ♪ i refuse to let you go ♪ i don't mind what that question means my dell small business advisor
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maria: tgif, i am maria bartiroma, it is september 22nd. it is 7:00 am on the east coast, dire warning from north korea, the report suggests the country may test a hydrogen bomb in the pacific ocean to prove its power, the news coming as kim jong un called donald trump deranged, promising the united states will pay dearly after the commander-in-chief issued a new executive order targeting anyone who trades with north korea. >> the president's address to the general assembly showed the strength of the united states, asked the world to come together as we fight these rogue regimes and mainly north korea and iran. you saw a lot of countries responding, they were very positive to the speech, they
7:01 am
appreciated how blunt and honest he was. maria: donald trump said kim jong un who is obviously a mad man who doesn't mind starting or killing his people will be tested like never before. that from donald trump this morning. the news way on markets in asia. look at the damage, the nikkei average down one 12:45%, anxiety in hong kong down 1%. in europe investors waiting for speech by theresa may who will speak on negotiations to exit the european union. in the us futures indicate selling, and industrial zone 11 points, nasdaq, s&p 500 fractionally negative. hurricane maria continues to ravage the caribbean. the eye of the storm near erickson take us. more on maria's past and the devastation left behind. convicted murderer aaron hernandez had a severe case of cte. the shocking news that has the
7:02 am
family suing the nfl and the new england patriots for millions of dollars because of those concussions. chaos in new york after protesters are attacked during a speech by the turkish president and h2o know, gatorade being forced to pay a fine for dissing water. call it an apology. and $8000 couch sold for nothing. we will tell you about those stories, dagan mcdowell, economics professor brian brent berg and iraq and afghanistan war veterans, fox news senior political analyst pete hexes is here. >> that couch looks great in my living room. maria: it is thousands of dollars. >> dissing water, their competition is water, you can have water or us. maria: you are free market guy.
7:03 am
dagen: the ag is on top of that, policing what gatorade was saying. had to drink gatorade or water, that is their focus. maria: we are not focused on unmasking. dagen: cost of living in california, all the regulations that hurt mom and dad. the little people if you live in silicon valley. maria: we will talk about that. white house director of legislative affairs for donald trump mark short coming up. the founder and author and ceo of bridgewater associates, ray galliano is hearing an exclusive and the ceo, nfl star jack brewer to talk about concussions. top story, north korea lashing
7:04 am
out, the kingdom threatening to detonate a hydrogen bomb over the pacific ocean. kim jong un says, quote, i am now thinking hard about what response he could have expected when he allowed such eccentric words to drip off his tongue. whatever trump might have expected he will face results beyond his expectations. donald trump tweeted kim jong un who is obviously a mad man who doesn't mind starting or killing his people will be tested like never before. all this after the president warned this week that the us could, quote, totally destroy north korea if north korea forces the us to defend itself. ambassador to the united nations nikki haley echoed the comments. >> we don't want war. that is the last thing anyone wants. we don't want loss of life. at the same time we are not going to run scared. if for any reason north korea
7:05 am
attacks the united states or our allies, the us will respond, period. that is what is going to happen. dagen: the dean of the fletcher school, author of seapower, history of geopolitics of the world's oceans, good to see you, thanks for joining us this morning. your reaction to the escalating north korean aggression? >> we need some new thinking here. we have two leaders both of them relatively inexperienced in their jobs coming at each other like a pair of bulldogs. we need to get out of this box that is driving us relentlessly toward escalation. i will give you three ideas, one is using cyber more effectively, offensively against this regime. number 2, uping our defense of game with missile defense but also doing new things when these missiles take off and certainly
7:06 am
we need to think about a naval blockade much as we did during the cuban missile crisis. in any event we need new thinking, where locked into a bad pattern. >> you suggested this naval blockade which is considered an act of war. would kim jong un interpret it as such? how hard can we go without inducing a response from that regime? could he interpret that as a threat? >> exactly right. that is the delicate balance but if you look back at the blockade against cuba during the missile crisis we went offense if on that but we ended up in the right place. russia opposed it, china didn't have the power to oppose at that point. we need to worry about not so much the north korean response but russia and china. that is why we need to continue the efforts at the united nations and nikki haley is doing a good job. we need soft power diplomacy and hard power alongside did.
7:07 am
blockade is the right next step. >> your first point was about cyber. we are talking about beckwith fax and sec breaches and americans under duress with these things. why are we not doing more of that with north korea? >> i think that is the major question we should be addressing, how we can use cyber offensively in this situation. we uphold those cards pretty close and we should. the united states is the best suite of offense of cyber tools of any nation in the world, china, russia just below us, a few other countries passed them. what we should do is use it directed against their weapons programs like we did reportedly against the iranian program some years ago, to undermine confidence. let's recognize there is an
7:08 am
ancillary benefit, north korea gained a lot of income selling its weapon systems. if we can show them to be less than effective, random failures, that is a good way to go. the ultimate end on cyber is going after the electric grid in north korea. that affect the population. we don't want to do that unless we have to but it is another tool. dagen: in terms of the actual capability of north korea to detonate a hydrogen bomb in the pacific do we really know whether they have a miniaturized nuclear device, whether a missile is capable of reentering, or would they go as far as someone mentioned, putting a hydrogen bomb on a ship and sending it into the pacific to be detonated? >> first we should recognize our intelligence is highly imperfect here. our intelligence community was caught off guard by the size of the probable hydrogen bomb they
7:09 am
detonated in an underground test. this is a difficult nation to penetrate in terms of intelligence. i would estimate and most people i would speak with who are looking at intelligence currently would say they do not have the ability to miniaturize and harden so the airburst hydrogen bomb seems unlikely. if they wanted to do something it would probably be a detonation from a platform. that would have its own sense of intelligence indicators which i wouldn't overly worry about this hydrogen bomb at sea at this point but they have surprised us before. dagen: they are making these incredible threats. you have to take him at his word. the white house is eight month into the new administration. some say jim matus is the only top national security official to disagree with the president without provoking him. when the president threatened to, quote, destroy north korea in his speech to the un matus
7:10 am
spoke of a diplomatic resolution. what do you make of this relationship between the president and secretary matus? >> secretary matus has three things going for him. number one because he is retired senior military he gets built and respect from the president and that is sincere from the president. secretary matus is in his own little garden at the pentagon, he's not in a day-to-day flow in the domestic political mix so he has a buffer. thirdly he is running an enormous organization, $600 billion budget, that is highly confident, example being the hurricane response. as a result secretary matus has some extra running room and uses that to exercise his own independent judgment. maria: how do you compare that to rex tillerson? >> secretary tillerson is at the
7:11 am
opposite end of the spectrum in terms of the way the president looks at him. i don't see much respect from the white house for secretary tillerson. i don't see secretary tillerson taking a public position on anything. most of us who are observing diplomacy in our security structure would hope secretary tillerson would step up his game and get into the flow and be more of a voice in the administration because he has enormous global credibility. at the moment we are seeing an imbalance more from the secretary of defense, not enough from secretary of state. we want to get war and peace, diplomacy, military options in balance. maria: you mentioned that relationship, not as strong in terms of what you see with matus, which is one of the reason some people were floating nikki haley around, to step into the secretary of state job. should there be reason to do so. is that something you would
7:12 am
agree with? >> i would say ambassador haley is doing a superb job at the united nations. that is a cabinet level position, ambassador to the united nations, probably the weakest hand of cards to play given the criticism for the white house to the united nations but she is scoring real wins demonstrating enormous confidence. maria: good to see you. we will see you soon. tgi friday's pays up, details on a $19.1 million settlement over employee wages coming next. the internet's reaction after mistakingly offering $8000 cash for free, straight ahead.
7:13 am
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and get to the heart of what matters. maria: after devastating rico hurricane maria is pounding the turks and caicos and an dominican republic. cheryl: now a category 3 storm maximum sustained winds of 125 mph, it is passing right over
7:16 am
turks and caicos after tearing through puerto rico. this storm has knocked out the power grid across puerto rico 100% no power, the us territory has 3.4 million people without power. the coast guard released a video of a dramatic rescue, a mother and her sons were stranded on a capsized boat desperately waving for help. the family made a distress call to the coast guard, the crew could not get there in time to save a british man stuck inside the boat but the mother and her children were rescued. chaos erupting at a new york city hotel where turkish president erdogan was delivering a speech, protesters disrupted the event calling him a terrorist, holding kurdish flags but were quickly escorted out, no injuries reported but a heckuva scene happening in new york yesterday. tga friday agreed to pay $19 million to settle accusations
7:17 am
the underpaid employees for years. industry experts say the settlement would be the largest wage payout ever if it goes through. tgi friday's skimped on overtime, forcing-tipped workers to share earnings with non --tipped workers and another story with this company a little different, they will begin testing alcohol delivery in texas starting in november. third-party delivery service will deliver beer, wine, margaritas, nationwide, 2018. finally this. they say the best things in life are free but discounts won't be free for any of you. online shoppers went to the website, discovered this couch was marked down from the original price which was almost $8000, $7800, down to 0. you have to pay $150 to get the couch delivered so budget orders went through but there was an
7:18 am
error in the system, they canceled all of the orders. people are angry and on social media. social media is couchgate. one said anthropology canceled my order, lied about it, i wanted to thousand dollar gift card at minimum or i am going to my lawyers. anthropology, thanks for ruining my dream of matching living rooms with 20 of my friends. made maria: it was marked to nothing. it is free free is good. >> hope they get a gift card or something for the order not going through. >> once you sell it isn't it gone? dagen: no. >> these people have been wrong. maria: you want justice. dagen: a lawyer will take that
7:19 am
case. maria: auto insurance with one click. we will talk to the ceo of zebra to talk about how consumers shop for insurance. red number 40 making a come back, general mills adding artificial colors back into tricks serial. back in a minute. ♪ don't let dust and allergens get between you and life's beautiful moments. flonase outperforms the #1 non-drowsy allergy pill. it helps block 6 key inflammatory substances that cause symptoms. pills block one
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call, visit, or go to maria: following the kayak and models the zebra is aiming to make purchasing car insurance less expensive allowing drivers to compare and contrast rates online from 200 insurance companies, joining us at a founders and the company chairman and founder adam lyons.
7:23 am
thanks for joining us. what is the company's role in the future of insurance and technology insurance? >> one of the things we have seen, one of the only folks pushing this industry forward and insurance was not a term yet. what we have seen for the last few years is company starting to invest in insurance, technology, it is fantastic. maria: you have all this data and you can survey the pricing to come up with it. >> not just pricing but the content, making sure we help educated consumers find the right insurance product for them. our mission is to find, buy and manage the best insurance products. >> you look at this space, shouldn't amazon be in that space? what differentiates you guys from those competitors and give
7:24 am
you a sustainable strategy? >> it is like kayak. i joined the company, 13 years before i joined. maria: now you are the ceo. >> we sit between consumers and the insurance company and the travel companies and we are a source of information, we help them sort through the information, find the best product and send them to the insurance site or help them manage selling a. amazon does the transaction. we are more about the information and helping get to the right place. maria: how do you make money? what is the business model? >> insurance, very regulated industry. one of the things insurance companies are required to do is file their rates with the state. doesn't matter if it is the same price. what we did is we said there's a lot of different business models here, we will support all of
7:25 am
them and at the end of the day that is the simplest way to think of it. >> doing chores like working with you are does that matter? >> it does matter. if you look at the market, when we started it was a $5 billion opportunity, $35 billion opportunity and insurance companies spend $6 million on tv advertising alone. they are looking for ways to reach consumers was we help them find the right consumers in an efficient way. dagen: do you see yourself being bought, becoming another part of another company? >> it is possible. our goal is to build a great company. we want to grow it. i remember explaining to people we don't sell boats. it is the same way. i go back to zebra where most people go to zebra. our goal is to make a household name and help people find insurance. dagen: how did you come up with that name?
7:26 am
>> started the company on unemployment in my friend's basement five years ago and the goal -- dagen: you dropped out of high school. >> how do we make it black-and-white? that is the brother. we set out to be the kayak. $40 million series, really bolsters our position as one of the leaders. maria: great to see you, we will be watching, appreciate you joining us, senator lindsey graham weighing in on a new healthcare proposal. >> there is a mandate in this bill that goes with a block grant, every state must cover preexisting conditions so not one person will be denied coverage. dagen: breaking down the bill next. maria: a win for h2o, gatorade pays $300,000 after badmouthing water. details on the complaint straight ahead, back in a moment. ♪ if you have bad breath and your mouth lacks moisture,
7:27 am
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welcome back. good friday morning everyone. tgif. it is friday september 22. your top stories right now. 7:30 a.m. on the east coast. kim jung un blasting president trump. he says that the u.s. well pay dearly.
7:30 am
kim jung un who was obviously a madman who doesn't mind starting or killing his people will be tested like never before. heightened tensions waiting on markets in asia overnight. is down almost 1%. the marks are higher ahead that. they will be talking about the country's negotiations to leave the european union. they're indicating the weakness of the open. down about 17 points. that is a third of a%. taking the agenda on the road. he is heading to indianapolis and president trump is breathing new life into the healthcare reform fight. he tweeted this. rand paul ordered votes against healthcare he will be known as the republican who
7:31 am
saved obama care. lindsey graham spoke out about the new bill. nobody can be denied coverage because of a pre-existing illness. within the lines of the criteria in 20 years no one has ever complained. that is a lie about the left. an explosive new report on aaron hernandez. the former star who killed himself while severe. it is electrolytes out for gatorade gain. they were ordered to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for an anti- water campaign. while tricks is bringing back
7:32 am
artificial flavoring and colors after going natural. we will bring that to you. here's the top story. the race to repeal obama care. rand paul and whoever votes against the health care bill. the future campaigns it would be known as the republican who saves obamacare. he is urging his party to pass the bill in the final hours as a senate barrels towards a deadline the deadline next week to pass in about the care repeal and replace. some democrats will do that. couple of a couple of democrats will come on board. this pushes the choices back
7:33 am
to states and would increase the cost of my state by a billion dollars by 2027. i think we will struggle as a state to meet that cost. i have a lot of concerns about how it will affect delaware in the country and i plan to vote against it. mark, it's good to have you on the program this morning. will there be enough support to get this bill passed. we think it is essential to the american people that we do. obamacare continues to clock crumble. the american people had spoken since the summer to say we are getting crushed by increased rates. they had increased 105 percent per individual plan. they continue to flee the markets. it means that there is no competition. and what has been a loss in this so far is that coming
7:34 am
january taxes of the original plant were delayed by democrats. every american that has an insurance plan is the last opportunity to repeal obamacare. repeal obamacare. we all know the issues about obama care. what you have to explain to us why so many of these powerhouse health groups are against the bill. the plan would decrease federal funding for states by a hundred $60 billion from 2020 to 2026. and then you have powerhouse groups like the american hospital association. the aha that represents 5,000 hospitals and daycare providers they say that this could put coverage at risk for tens of millions of americans. how to push howdy push back on all of the powerhouse groups.
7:35 am
other groups like aarp all sane and this is not the bill. let's keep in mind that when obama care past you created an individual mandate by law requiring every american to buy insurance and you force an employer mandate to provide insurance. the insurance companies love that. because by lot you are creating an artificial demand. they're forcing you to carry insurance. it's no surprise if you're looking at that repeal that they don't want the americans to have the plan. and further on the dollars what they're looking for is they are looking for the massive payout from the federal government. they are looking for the government to guarantee payment of the csr payments. to basically subsidize many of the plants. as a route that they are looking to go.
7:36 am
we think what we're doing is providing a better plan for the american people. this is also going to shift and an enormous amount of responsibility to the states tell us about the governors and what you are hearing from governors today because you need that support if you're going to be able to shift this over to the states. let's keep in mind there is a narrative out there that says there are winners and losers. when obama care past it created an unfair system. today california and new york receive over 30% of the federal dollars where they are nearly equal in population. when they begin doing their numbers and say who's gonna going to be the winners and losers as opposed to what he was gonna do with allocate the dollars based on population of the state. it's a more equitable distribution.
7:37 am
this is based on the system already has chosen the that alleged that somehow you're getting less. we believe that every state is a winner because they have that flexibility use a plan and medicaid in the private insurance market that best meets their constituents. if you want to have more socialist medical process you can do that. it's a federalist approach which we think is what our framers always intended. the white house is continue to engage the senators who are this point are most critical. it really comes down to four. those are the four senators who well likely decide the state of whether or not obamacare is repealed.
7:38 am
i think as lindsey graham has said there is a lot of reason for some other members that have the opportunity that this is a benefit to them. we are hopeful that we can earn support but i'm not unrealistic in that expectation. we went to democrats even back then they said we know it's collapsing it has happened in our state but we can't be part can be part of something that would be called repeal it was too essential to the previous legacy. in a big push to overhaul the nation's tax code. the largest tax cut in american history. what will we know next week that we don't already know. you will hear what individual rates will be.
7:39 am
we are going to care plan that simple if simplifies it by eliminating some of the deductions. they have we think a broader system that is simpler is more fair and i think most essential you will hear a reduction in corporate tax rate you had covered in your network that 70 companies had moved overseas its outdated here in america. >> are you going to be able to get the support for eliminating the deduction on state and local income tax because that is where some senators and congressmen are saint said to me i can't vote for that my constituents pay
7:40 am
too much and in that tax. what you think. i think you are identifying a key challenge. we believe that there are plenty of things. howdy predicate does. i need something in return. hopefully many of the companies inside their district i think america benefits. there is another question. for those states. why should people reside in other states and be subsidizing the states that had high income taxes. if you can deliver this healthcare bill and then follow it up with a budget
7:41 am
obviously that would be very positive. we believe that the best thing that will get our economy is sustained growth. and when i say we its american people. mark short joining us there at the white house. the right healing up in the last its license to operate in london. it may wish they have a different name this morning. detail on the warning that some of their beverages contain a deadly toxin. kevin, meet your father.
7:42 am
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we will be in alabama tonight. since my endorsement but we will be very close. he loves alabama and said why. foxbusiness is taking a life to alabama tonight. they are navigating the live coverage at 8:00 p.m. she takes you to the strange rally tonight in alabama. right here life. it is losing its license to operate in one of the world's largest cities. london is going to decline to new the license. they head about 20 days to appeal this and they can continue to operate. it will do about 40,000.
7:46 am
the death wish cold brew coffee can kill you. the death wish coffee company has recalled the drink and customers are guaranteed to refund within 60 days. luckily no reports have been made. they are reaching a $300,000 settlement with the state of california they refuel the runner. avoid water. you win more went more points on the game if you don't drink water. they are going down after drinking water but up after drinking gatorade. remember tricks serial in 2015
7:47 am
general mills said they're going to phase out the use of artificial dyes and flavors in their cereals. they rolled out a new natural tricks. i didn't really work out. it was horrible. next month the classic tricks is coming back. do you know what that sugar content is in this. and you guys will drink that. that's right. the warm milk. if you're not an artificial flavoring gal. if you've got a number of years without eating them they are so sweet.
7:48 am
all of these other people. i want jim most i want artificial flavors. i don't want genetically modified food. coming up the former nfl star. aaron hernandez had a severe case of cte and now we know. the implications for the future of the nfl and football were talking about it next. you each drive a ford pickup right? (all) yes. i'm going to show you a next generation pickup. awesome. let's do this. the bed is made of high-strength steel, which is less susceptible to punctures than aluminum.
7:49 am
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7:52 am
we're talking about it next. new insight this morning into the state of mind of aaron hernandez. they are feeling that the former tight and have a severe case of cte. they're not suing the nfl and the patriots for hiding the dangers of football and its connection to the brain disease and concussions. joining us right now. is the former nfl start himself jack brewer. i think you so much for joining nest. i'll all attributed to this. bottom line is the nfl responsible. >> i don't know if the nfl is responsible. this opens up the conversation what about the kid in high school.
7:53 am
they have no insurance no one really looking after them. most players really didn't understand what a concussion was. if thousands of players who have been playing this game. they're being told other by their doctors that they are okay. all these revelations are coming out. i want to ask about this though. we know that aaron hernandez had cte. does that then open the door for every defense attorney to use that as a defense or as an excuse when any individual even someone who didn't play professional sports is accused of that. >> is a difficult part.
7:54 am
when you saw the story it obviously makes you cringe to think about it. and for me personally i just know so many players that i have seen who have started to change. even now. having memory loss and not being able to sit there. some folks are violent already if you add on this component is don't know what the results are and now with aaron hernandez. that's 99%. >> there's nothing to do to change the fate in terms of concussions. one thing when the kickoff went on when i played i was going to get the ball.
7:55 am
you will not stop her from bashing into each other. parents are involved in the decision about whether a child should do this sort of thing. how do you counsel parents here. should that be the bias or should we be let them play but ask different coaches. i am not letting my son play football. he has no choice. i deeply feel like this game is good have to change there's other sports to play. i will make that statement. at have a tough time sleeping last night. it's just a sad reality. literally killing people's
7:56 am
brain. that's why anybody watches. i watch it now as they change. were taking us away. is as every cannot be the same. you don't want guys to get hurt. if you are stepping into the national football league you have no excuse. if you watch the concussion movie that is real. when you are aligned to people and not been real with what their diagnosis as is i have an issue with that. now i cringe because i know the results. this applies to boxing and ufc and a lot of contact sports.
7:57 am
the point is that the essential point of football is contact. you think about alignment that is sitting over another man. that is part of the football game. even when the ball is not coming your way you have a gap to fill. if to go down into the box. the game is going to be violent it is what it is. we can't change that. you will see a huge drop off in football. thank you. we will be right back. just like the people
7:58 am
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rodney wanted to know how his business was doing... he got quickbooks. it organizes all his accounts, so he can see his bottom line. ahhh...that's a profit. know where you stand instantly. visit quickbooks-dot-com. >> welcome back good friday morning thanks for joining us this morning. i'm maria bartiromo, friday, september 22, top stories 8:00 a.m. on the east coast a dire warning from north korea to report, you kim jong-un delivering a fiery statement yesterday, calling president trump deranged promising the united states will pay dearly after a new executive order that targets anyone who trades with the hermit kingdom. >> brutal north korean regime does not respect its citizens or sovereignty of other nation and new executive order will cut off sources of revenue that fund north korea's efforts to develop the deadliest weapons known to
8:01 am
humankind. >> very latest this morning as reports suggest north korea may test a high androgynien bomb in the pacific to approve power nikkei average down a quarter of a per kroent hang oxygen down almost 1% investors waiting on a s speech from teresa may over an hour from now she is going to be talking about the country's negotiations to exit eu, markets higher ahead that have speech in u.s. futures indicating pressure at open dow industrials down 26 points, nasdaq down a third of a percent 20 points lower right now hurricane irma rehabilitativages the caribbean hitting turks and caicos more on devastation coming up, back to joining investigation into possible election meddlingdales of mark zuckerberg and company agreed to send a list of you russian lines,ed political ads purchased on sight to congress shock after eagle eyed
8:02 am
passenger reportedly spots it of beer in the cockpit, the hay assess porsche 16-million-dollar super yacht say goob to a television staple. >> everybody. >> -- [laughter] >> excuse me. [laughter]. >> yeah while made famous by sitcom family set to be demolished irco accountant do it fox business network dagen mcdowell kings college business and economics professor iraq and afghanistan war veteran "fox & friends" weekend co-host is here, good to see you. >> good morning. >> good morning snickers love
8:03 am
that show growing up, every week. >> you know house is just for sale no one is applying. >> coming up, we are not giving it away, pete. you now that you are the anchor on "fox & friends" weekend, again, yes or no, don't -- give it away -- >> [laughter] >> joining the conversation this morning we've got a big hour coming up bridgewater associates founder coming up to join us, to tell us about the success of the largest hedge fund bridgewater will join us coming up top story, north korea, lashing out the rogue regime threatening to decimate high androgynien bond over the peak of oefgs blake burman good morning. reporter: good morning to you twofold response from north korea in rarsdz to president trump speech earlier this week
8:04 am
at united nations labeled that leader "rocket man" said if need be u.s. could totally destroy that country on one hand north korea foreign minister said it is possible they test a high androgynien bomb out in the open in pacific ocean in a rare statement kim jong-un himself responded to the president's u.n. speech, saying that president trump is a political layman as he sees it he called president trump quote mentally deranged, and there was more. kim jong-un saying in that statement and i quote here far from making remarks of any persuasive power that can be viewed to be helpful to defusing tension he made unprecedented rude nonsense one has never heard from any of his predicate coerce he goes on to say a frightened dog barks louder possible reaction from president trump on twitter just wrote a while ago and i quote here, kim jong-un of north korea who is obviously a madman, who doesn't mind starting or
8:05 am
killing his people, will be tested like never before, now beyond the verbal sparring, there was retaliation from the administration, yesterday, in the form of a executive order signed by president trump now gives the treasurer department in even wider swath to try to go after people institutions, and financial institutions, that engage in trade with north korea. >> foreign banks will face a clear chis, do business with united states or facilitate trade, with the lawless regime in north korea. reporter:. reporter: the treasury secretary steve mnuchin yesterday insisted guidelines are not specifically geared toward china. >> maria back to you. maria: that is really with a we want to zero in on thank you blake burman talking about china pete what is your reaction to escalating you have to you will call it a war of workloads between north korea and president trump. >> you can't escalate words north korea pits out every
8:06 am
single week al absurd pointed at our president reality this president through action executive order has taken a serious step truly serious about escalating this issue, you have to everyone committed to nonviolent patriarch has to happen through money through china what spokesman on chinese banks cannot do business with north korea and united states -- they choose united states -- i hope this is a path towards resolution i still wanderer whether it takes a blockade or in other significant. >> does it show you anything about china going along with this chinese banks doing business in u.s. a big issue should we believe the china is actually helping to reign in north korea. >> they don't have best interests in niend we have a lot of leverage use it we are starting to -- >> i am concerned about a lot of china talking about complying with this talking about how -- >> that is -- years, not been -- the official has been black
8:07 am
market stuff i don't see what is changing to cut off black market financing, weaponry, et cetera. >> we've got a big story this morning, dagen, this is something that resonates london transport authority kicked out uber saying not renewing uber license to operate in london that company is not fit proper to operate in the city how big of a blow. dagen: a blow to 3 1/2 million people in that city who use uber 40,000 drivers that will be without work at least some work that they perform. they were saying that -- the regulator authorities said uber was not complying uber approach conduct demonstrated lack of corporate responsibility in relation to a number of issues one of their beefs appeared to be not vetting the drivers and reporting serious criminal offenses even uber pushing back on that saying that the
8:08 am
drivers go through background checks, the same ones as city licensed black cab drivers this sounds like your classic regulatory political vendetta against the company has displaced so many traditional like the cab drivers. >> point this out, because one point, the medallion taxi was valued above a million dollars, 1.3 million dollars, and that same medallion just two years ago went for 240,000. now between 300 and 700,000 as low as 241,000 for that medallion. >> people in cities strong interests about preserving status quo talking to city hall to mayor, does everything to preserve because they know uber know lyft eating away at business. >> free market. >> they have an existing political power base invested in regulatory use safety, safety the best.
8:09 am
>> what do they hide behind. that is what they hide behind to make crony deals with people help them getting electoraled ignoring free market who scissors customers a better product more efficient when they use uber old guys can't compete. >> are there background checks are they cleaning what background checks are there why do we hear stories of attacks by drivers, that one driver in new york recently took -- took a customer to his home, and then -- >> i won't ebb say what went on. >> don't hear of a 99.9% stories that doesn't happen people get in a car get where they want to go a great price nobody reporting on that why uber is growing because they do a good job of that. >> that is why lyft there is why they have got competition coming in that is a free market bring it on. >> there is one issue with uber story that uber had been using and this is in london and this is one of the beefs this technological tool
8:10 am
referred to as grey ball to evade government official trying to identify block services driver has been an issue here and in london, but uber said it had will stop using software to in-- government officials prosecutors in united states investigating the use of that very software, so again, uber has to own some of its bad behavior, but this is -- for -- it appears, that this is just an attack on a free market that is displaced people they deserve to have basically their jobs disappear. >> i want to know what viewers think let us know what you think about uber kicked out of london hurricane hurricane the detailed storm passing, just east turks and caicos islands right now storm passing winds up to 125 miles per hour as it heads to the bahamas, the islands is expected to see surges up to 12 feet the death toll is now above 32, across the caribbean, with at least 15 people killed in dominica the entire island of puerto
8:11 am
rico remains powerless this hurt puerto rico after tenuous situation financially in puerto rico, jan i guess dean live in the weather center tracking maria's path. >> hi we got latest advisory from national hurricane center category three strong, major hurricane, that as you mentioned east of the turks and caicos they are getting, the potential for at least tropical storm force winds storm surge you mentioned heavy rail of across turks and caicos going to continue to move north and west missed bahamas we think with the worst of winds the worst of storm sirj the worst of rain and they are going to watch this because computer models into pretty good disagreement, and we are waiting back-and-forth whether out to sea or very close brush with u.s. coast here is the forecast track in about national hurricane center you can see this track absence we go into tuesday and wednesday gets very wide, because there is a lot of features here we are watching, high pressure that is the bermuda high
8:12 am
across the atlantic air high pressure across northeast when will win out will high pressure be strong enough to push this storm maria back towards, the east coast, we just don't know yet, good agreement over 48 hours then go next week monday, tuesday, that is really close call, there that is why we are concerned, and nd that is why we need to continue, to watch hurricane irma back to you. >> we will do that thank you, janice dean, coming up crack open a can of controversy a passenger spots a pilot, with a beer in the cockpit on a flight from spain to the uk, the response from the airline next, trade in cayman for cayman islands porsche hitting high seas with a super yacht. how much the boat is expected to sell? back in a moment. that cause symptoms. pills block one and 6 is greater than 1. flonase changes everything.
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8:15 am
maria: welcome back, spreet operations continuing in mexico, after power earthquake cheryl casone with details there. cheryl: so much to go through, rescue operations in mexico are stretching down to fourth day death toll to 273. meanwhile -- officials say that a young girl named freighta sofia never existed after mexican nice media officials repeatedly the story of girl efforts to reach her under rubble of a collapsed building looks like she was never there. >> a passenger aborrowed a set flight from spain to england
8:16 am
saw something nobody wants on plane in cockpit onboard a beer, he was shocked when he landed at birmingham airport saw it between pilots complained to airlines was told photo couldn't have been taken aboard the flight sent this picture, then they said can had been given to pilot for safekeeping, i don't know -- the chicago home featured in the opening credits family mats has been approved for demolition, so the permit allows them to wreck remove the residence hollywood set there is the fame they are going to build a three unit residence on same lot, of course, this is the house where winslow family lived steve was a frequent visitor check this out pretty cool porsche launching 155 foot super yacht, this
8:17 am
stunning thing in time for annual yacht slow from 27 of september to 30th, to build seven, and, yes, the yacht can be user for 16 million dollars maria. maria: cool. >> neat. [laughter] that is not a superyacht that is a bargain. >> yeah. >> working class. >> a boat, right? >> we don't call if it is on water it is a boat. >> i could have a boat too. >> coming up a date with eight closer look at iphone hits stores check it out, then the fall is here means leaves are changing and so is starbucks the tasty newt drinks that could is it a he will the spotlight from pumpkin spice, back in a minute. ♪ ♪
8:18 am
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maria: everybody wants a bite of new apple iphone generation of the smartphone hits shelves today the juice on apple product pete good to see you. >> good to is he. >> you what do you think of the phone this is the iphone 8 and 8 plus. >> yes, the 8 and 8 plus, first big caveat these are kind of boring iphones this year if you remember, a couple weeks ago apple unveiled three new iphones, 8 plus i have here and iphone 10, spelled x. the 10 does not come out until november 3 these are still big upgraded they have obviously the state of the art chip in there -- 'you do is going to
8:22 am
be a little bit faster pages load faster than the camera a little faster within upgrades to camera especially 8 plus the main reason to up graid. >> camera was really good on last iteration. >> yeah so a camera last couple years done dual camera, here in the back, and now, with the new chip can actually analyze a person's face, and contours you can change the lighting in a scene when you. >> a single lens. >> you can change the lighting. >> new feature, this phone costs $150 more. >> i want in smaller version i got little hands. >> it is -- >> little handed people. >> it is probably designed they decided one for sort of
8:23 am
premium cost they really focused a lot of redesign on itonex has dual xaermz in the back cool system in front. >> i am watching you change the lighting on my -- >> you can basically take a photo, you know, right here so we get if you are an actor you want one head shot you can like turn it like so no background at all. >> cool. >> like pure black. >> that is -- like a -- >> regular shot. >> renaissance portrait. >> it is you can do that there is neat stuff you can do with your -- with your regular phone, so if you -- he had i like to your photos. >> a photo kind of a video. >> i love that feature. >> now in addition to just video clip you can -- one of
8:24 am
you where kind of going back-and-forth. >> what i am doing. dagen: boomerang on instagram. >> very smart so upgraded more chis charitable i think i know how to count what happened to 8 plus and x, where is iphone 9? insuperable 79? >> old joke, 7, 8, 9. maria: what joke. >> doesn't -- like -- >> sorry 7, 8. >> sort of a -- see the windows the jumping to xeveryone wants to go to x. >> 10-year anniversary. maria: come on --
8:25 am
>> exactly, right. dagen: they can skip iphone nine. >> nine unlucky, some cultures apple does sell phones worldwide reasons for. maria: 8 is really lucky. >> wireless charging upgraded so many people going to use every day. >> let's see that. >> wireless charger one you can buy today plunk it on will start charging, the battery ion will come on really, really convenient apple has wireless charger not coming out till next year big enough for this newer case for airpod wireless and watch new apple watch. >> nice upgraded, got its cellular radio. >> does it always work this conversation yesterday, you don't have wi-fi when you need. >> it doesn't need wi-fi. >> this -- apple has a little bit of a glitch first tim done this usually you know, they -- clean up within first month or
8:26 am
so. >> good man pete thank you so much, joining us there we have breaking news to get to dow jones reporting trump administration to replace travel plan will create rics vary by country breaking news a new order to create restrictions that vary by country, on that travel ban from the administration we get it to you as soon as we know the secret of success, from world largest hedge fund bridge water associates founder, is next, stay with us.
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
thanks for joining us this morning. i'm maria bartiromo. it is friday, september 22, your top stories right now, 8:30 a.m. on the east coast. . >> a dire warning from north korea to report, new reports suggest the country may a test hydrogen bomb in the pacific ocean to prove its power the news coming as kim jong-un dlefrz a fiery statement, calling president trump deranged, promising united states will pay dearly after commander in chief issued a new executive order that targets anyone who trades with the hermit kingdom. >> we don't want war that is the last thing anyoning wants we don't wants loss of life that is the last thing anyone wants at the same time we are not going to run scared if north korea attacks the united states or our allies u.s. will respond, period that is what is going to happen. maria: president trump,
8:30 am
tweeted on this matter this morning here is what he said, kim jong-un of north korea who is obviously a madman doesn't mind starving or killing people, will be tested like never before. the news did weigh on markets in asia overnight, fractionally, really take a look hang seng down almost 1% in hong kong in europe investors are waiting on a speech from british prime minister teresa may will discuss the negotiations to exit the european union markets in u.s. mixed to lower take a look, the indices now at lows of the morning actually the dow industrials down 30 points nasdaq down 20 points a third of a percent lower, a race to the finish, senator luther strange residence squares off against roy moore battling for alabama senate seat president trump will attractively to campaign for strange the rally live stay with us on fox business, 8:00 pm eastern trish takes you to alabama covers that, and all-out push for taxes,
8:31 am
vice president mike pence set to return home to indian as administration pulls out stops to get reform done this year. the details t-mobile reportedly comes close to terms to merging with sprint dallas cowboys a texas slogan to heart look at new massive 1 1/2-billion-dollar headquarters check that out, the greatest of all says he doernt burn tom brady claims staying hydrated is secret better than sunscreen, sent internet into a frenzy we will get into it starbucks starbucks in spite offing up the fall drink the company hopes will help cash in on the season, on this, the first day of fall, secrets of success, first, from the founder of the world largest hedge fund joining us right now founder of bridge water associates author of prilz life and work ray dalio here good to see you. thank you for joining us congratulations, your company
8:32 am
manages 1 6 0 billion dollars for approximately 360 institutionalization clients largest hedge fund tremendous second talking about what is behind that management style and that approach, recently on this book tour tell us more about it. >> well, you in order to be successful we have to have independent this can others willing to bet against consensus built into it how do you have an ideal meritocracy nic in when you might be wrong that process of having that disagreement and having a community, that is willing to have that disagreement to make that meritocracy is key there are three things you need to do, in order to do this first everybody has to put honest thoughts on the table everybody understands, second, you have to know the art of thoughtful disagreement, how to go back-and-forth about and
8:33 am
lessen to each other improve, and third, you have to have ways of getting past those disagreements, so we have a community in which the goal to have ideal meritocracy seeking meaningful look meaningful relationships radically true from radically transparent for ourselves ideal meritocracy will give you best ideas that is what works no one person it that is process. maria: using programs called whether do the collector post views of a colleague's performance see ratings as well how tough that is to get the team around that idea? that is going to be right there, in front of everybody to see? >> well you know started out like how am i going to be with you. each other. am i going to be straightforward? have are we going to be able to talk about that so when you build a culture that is based on that straightforwardness not office politics, all that, then you go from there.
8:34 am
the tools have been fantastic because you can -- it is showing ted talk if you are interested tools, you can see in any meeting, that everybody has different points of view, then raises the question of how do i know i am right am i one of those who might be wrong or might be right? then we go above that, to say when -- how do we find out, who has the best ideas, and then we convert those into principles and then, into algorithms the idea writing down principles converting into algorithms that make decisions? parallel has been the secret sauce. maria: and you've got great xheents from colleagues in the business i am almost finished fwaul with the book bill gates said ray dalio revived invaluable guidance instooits available to you, tony robbins i funny it truly extraordinary every page full of so many
8:35 am
differences, i lover how he incorporates his life in elegant away how do apps help in temperatures of public sector monday to work in terms of vesting. >> you can convert what is in your head in terms of criteria, into algorithms and then the computer can process far more information, than your brain has the capacity to do. it can process in it a lot quicker a lot less emotionally, so that is like having a computer chess game next to you you are playing an opponent you have computer chess game playing you are playing mentally when you have that next to you it is extremely powerful. >> is is that why we see more artificial intelligence being used today in financial services in general i mean you are seeing a.i. the implemented -- in a number of ways is that why because they are trying to -- >>, of course, it is true ors
8:36 am
to everything, by and large the world is going to consist of people take language put into code allows computer to operate like a brain or people who are going to be displaced by that. in other words, those algorithms that process allows people to get best thinking not just thinking that happens to be in minds, makes for ideal meritocracy certainly, an issue in finance but issue of our time, something like 40% of all jobs are going to be replaced over the next 20 years by these algorithms. >> how are we supposed to deal with that i remember got to be 20 years ago bill joy wrote for wired magazine predicted in said robots are taking over jobs particularly in financial services what are people to do to look at a situation knowing that this is going to be 40% fewer jobs what skills trying to learn. >> first thing everybody has to learn code not knowing how
8:37 am
to read and where a it. >> do you think? wow. >> that is right because it gives the power, to do that. and people are educated broad plea so much need for it, think about it. -- they see ideas of writing principles and converting to volunteered so invaluable if you took all decision-making you were to have somebody next to you knows how to code has responsibility of converting those decision making criteria into code, and then building that, the world could be building and leveraging in a tremendous way, so i think that coding education and coding, is very fundamental i think empowering could give many more people jobs, you it can make that coding so much better, i think fundamental. >> also background more widespread you are seeing, opportunities to learn how to code, in a lot of areas right now, so more and more people are doing it, let me ask you to code, the tax reform package for us, and help us
8:38 am
understand, the impact of policies coming out of washington on the market allocating money switching gears vice president mike pence headed to home state wi indiana corporate rates lower, rate to 10% individual rates lower do you think a tax package will impact the economy, and is that a reason to allocate capital through equities? >> on the margin it will have a marginal effect not a game-changer not only magnitudes aren't if you take dollars involved. for example, you change monetary policy, just yesterday. >> right. >> and we are seeing, that will have an impact in terms of size something like 2 1/2 percent gdp, with the budget deficit increase i think we are probably going to have maybe something on the order of 5% gdp changing supply demand to bonds, that is
8:39 am
together, a particularly big number, and then, of course, the fiscal stimulation that might come from that. so i think that the changing monetary policy will have bigger inequity and on the margin, the -- change in -- stimulation, from fiscal will be not a positive but not a big net positive so you have to look at the whole thing together, as far as equities are concerned, equities now are priced off cash, and then there is a risk premium. so you could see cash, and then you have 2 1/4 percent bond, and could see expected returns of equities in the vicinity about 3 1/2% a year that risk premiums those risk premiums are not going to change much but they will a change more as function of monetary policy than fiscal policy. >> what do you think is driving macrostory now? earnings have been pretty good do things feel better to you in terms of of the macrostory
8:40 am
looking at u.s. and also around the world. >> i think the fact that we have gone, to a pro capitalist environment the desire to move that along in fact i think one of the great things that president trump has done, is to make aware what the wealth gap is dealing with that disparity. when you look at economy you can't look at an economy an average economy you have to realize that there are essentially two academies out there the bottom 60% of the u.s. economy, 60% of the economy that is economy the majority of people you look at that, there has not been growth rising death rates combination opiates suicides so on something we may not see operating in there that was tapped into it the fact as
8:41 am
capitalist, and then there is also, it is so not just socialist issue it is a common issue i think the most important thing that is happening. i think that that is the issue of our time. when we talked about the average, we talk about the stock market, we have to realize the stock market is priced off profits, okay? >> sure. >> profits may not be the same thing as benefits, for the majority of the people, because in environment in which economy to develop technology technologies will police officer people good for profits creating an divergence how that wealth gap how that difference in values gap in other words, conservative and liberal, that those things are coming together, that is the
8:42 am
paramount issue economically the issue of our time so i think that this is very -- you know that is most important. >> two sides coming together. >> to deal with it together. maria: yeah. >> imagine if you have -- nobody is getting this perfectly there will be monetary policy fiscal policy and political backdrop issues, north korea, and such nobody is getting this perfectly, imagine if we have an economic downturn imagine another one is going to come. maria: of course. >> so when we have an economic downturn imagine how fragmented the anger very important i think socially economically to deal with technology replacing people and having an economy that works for all of those types of people because i am afraid of what the what another downtown will be like think about this now times are good unemployment rate low, stock market is at high, and look at
8:43 am
the tensions the divisions, so only get worse in the downturn. >> you mentioned monetary policy, quick on the feds unwinding of this 4 and a quarter balance sheet are you in the camp this is harder than people think we know we have never witnessed something like this before. >> yeah i think going to be harder than i think harder not going to be, we are talking about as i say, something like -- selling or reducing financial bond selling essentially a lot of credit, at the same time, as there will be need to sell more bonds through a rising deficit the supply quite something taking place in a world which is moving somewhat all the more slowly than united states, in the same direction. in other words, it is going to happen in england going to happen in ecb. >> going to happen, in -- so think about the world.
8:44 am
15 trillion dollars a buy, thank god for that 15 trillion. but now, as that rolls off it works in the other direction. and it is a delicate time. maria: sure is ray good to see you thanks so much for joining us ray dalio guest this weekend, back in a minute.
8:45 am
this is not a cloud. this is a car protected from storms by an insurance company that knows the weather down to the square block. this is a diamond tracked on a blockchain - protected against fraud, theft and trafficking. this is a financial transaction secure from hacks and threats others can't see. this is a patient's medical history made secure - while still available to their doctor at their fingertips. this is an asteroid live-streamed to millions of viewers from 220 miles above earth.
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maria: welcome back, trump administration, reportedly preparing to replace it travel ban cheryl casone with details. cheryl: yeah, so just getting information, reports say new order has more targeted restrictions affecting a larger number of countries, now the original ban creates restrictions that vary by country, based on cooperation with u.s. mandates and post by each individual country not immediately known which countries are affected by new restrictions looks like coming out, quarterback tom brady has a book out that has a lot to say about water. including how it can protect you from the sun says he drinkers up to 300 ounces of
8:48 am
water each at a. he says he gets fewer sunburns because of water he drinks internet raised an eyebrow at that statement questioning the claims by tom brady. >> staying in football. . this is 91 acre headquarters dallas cowboys awesome, jerry jones family reportedly investing more than a billion dollars in own money into this project a focal point the ford center 8 high school teams practice there complete when cowboys not using it features largest video in high school sports every anywhere, thank you dallas, finally the first day of fall today starbucks debuting a new driefrn you are probable sick of pumpkin spice latte, any starbucks, latte blend of espresso milk soy sometimes, pecan as daying
8:49 am
woen say we are burned out on pumpkin that is true study that was done, i kid you not says we may be sick of pumpkin try it. >> the one i have is -- soy. >> i wanted it. >> -- original candies -- >> way better. >> i am not used to drinking sweet drinks this is super suite. >> to a sweet how much sugar. >> not as sweet as pum country spies latte i confirmed that drinking it right now. >> tricks, artificial sweetener. >> stay with us we will be right back. non-drowsy allergy pill.
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go long™. ♪ maria: tmobile sprint soaring in premarket this morning, stocks though up nicole petallides down in floor taking a look good morning. >> good morning, maria. yes stocks to upside possibly deal we know two third and fourth largest carriers could bring in more than 130 million subscribers ultimately right behind verizon at&t up arrows, back to you. >> president trump said he wants to try to mediate, what is happening, between the qataris, four countries. >> i don't want to see a -- all this countries have been very important for the united states, should not spend time fighting each other we have to face the common threats.
8:54 am
>> president trump talking about need to come together pressure nor what we are seeing china, and russia really coming together on their own, and sort of -- being an o posting in support of things continue north korea -- >> we are going to protect american people going to put that first we are not going to put i want to know integration of chinese into system first reprieve presidents have done. >> i think north korean story will define this president, fbi reportedly wiretapped campaign chairman before and after election. >> probably indicted for something nothing to do with the campaign bob mueller under pressure to do something the longer he takes in this investigation more looks like a fishing expedition. >> expected to vote next week the graham-cassidy bill can it
8:55 am
pass. >> they promised for years would reprie repeal and replace obamacare senate failed miserably in july the low point for this congress, and probably one of the lowest points for republicans. >> repealing affordable care act fundamentally providing -- finance huge tax cuts deep cuts medicaid nursing home care for seniors most vulnerable population not right approach. >> pour back in state governments closer to people who know the particular needs, of their yiek vulnerable population using corporate tax rate to 15% when you go to a store you are paying less for everything i buy speak to it in terms of of the consumer not in terms of of the politicians economists. >> a lot of people thought a lot of production in the u.s., that is going to send prices lower, overall. >> energy producers in this country showing great discipline, and -- they are
8:56 am
not being rewarded for that. >> we are taking a beating in the u.s., you know, 3 to 5 dollars a barrel, so we put america first, absolutely -- >> hillary clinton saying that she will not rule out, questioning the legitimacies of the 2016 election. >> she continues to make the election about her always about her instead of the american people. >> why down the have a banquet in washington invite thousands ask hillary to come give her a participation trophy and tell her here it is, everyone gets a trophy, now get the heck home, this country works overtime. i have lived under 15 of the 45 presidents we have had, believe it or not, i have bought stocks under 14 of 15. >> i am also a optimist this country is incredible we've lucky to be here. >> nfl protests not an issue.
8:57 am
>> men and women who have given lives spent so much time fighting for our freedom. >> look at jeans sold out. >> this might be the worse of them all. >> i can't get over that jeans story. >> [laughter] >> stuck on that, just thinking that there is really sick people out there in america who think those are going to be great. >> i never understood that look. #
8:58 am
. .
8:59 am
9:00 am
maria: great show, everybody. go seize the day. the show goes by so fast. thank you pete hegseth, brian brendberg, dagen, always a pleasure. have a great weekend, thanks for being here. you want to say something? >> no. ashley: maria, thank you. many of you clambering to know where the heck is stuart, well, i cannot disclose his act location because he wouldn't let me but i can assure you he's on vacation with his family and he will be back on monday. now, first we have a lot of news to deal with on this friday. friday is a busy day starting with north korea, of course, threatening to launch an h-bomb into the pacific ocean. kim jong un calling president trump deranged and says he will pay dearly, also calls him a gangster. meanwhile officials in hawaii are reportedly telling residents there to prepare for a nuclear attack just in case they say. how comforting is that? mark


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